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Their Story

Xando Energy, based in South Florida, specializes in residential solar systems sales and installations. Their journey is rooted in the founder's experience in Germany, where over 2000 solar projects were successfully sold. Upon relocating to South Florida, Xando Energy joined forces with U.S. solar industry experts, blending local touch with global energy technologies. They provide personalized energy plans, with a focus on solar energy, and address homeowners' full-spectrum energy needs.

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Their Goals

Xando Energy embarked on their digital marketing journey with a dual-fold mission. Their primary objective was to maximize leads generated from potential customers interested in embracing residential solar solutions. Simultaneously, they aimed to optimize their online presence by testing various landing pages to identify the most effective approaches. Their target audience was local to Florida, with a focus on engaging South Florida residents.

Our Solution

Leveraging the reach and precision of Facebook and Google ads, we developed strategic campaigns to engage South Florida residents. These campaigns were meticulously designed to resonate with the local audience, maximizing lead generation and brand visibility. A pivotal aspect of our strategy involved rigorous testing of different landing pages. By experimenting with various approaches, we aimed to identify the most effective landing page designs and content, ultimately improving lead generation. We harnessed the power of video content to convey the benefits of Xando Energy's solutions. Our video editing efforts produced compelling visual content that resonated with potential customers, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Their Success

By testing different creatives and concepts for banners on Facebook, Xando Energy evolved from sales-oriented visuals to more native and audience-aligned visuals. This approach was informed by thorough competitor research. On Facebook, we implemented three campaigns, including two Top of Funnel (TOFU) campaigns with distinct targeting approaches and one Remarketing campaign. This strategic diversification allowed Xando Energy to reach a broader audience while retaining the ability to optimize based on results. The primary goal of maximizing leads generated was achieved. Our data-driven approach to digital advertising, combined with targeted campaigns, generated a substantial volume of leads from South Florida residents interested in Xando Energy's solar solutions. Through rigorous testing and analysis, we identified the most effective landing page designs and content. This optimization contributed to higher conversion rates and a more engaging user experience.

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