From Launch to Sellout: Achieving Glacier Fresh's Sales Goals in the USA






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Their Story

The goal of Glacier Fresh, which was founded in 2015, is to make clean, accessible water available to all. The business has developed a deep, comprehensive understanding of water filtration and the complex technology required to produce clean, safe drinking water over the years. Their journey inspired them to create ground-breaking technology that preserves vital minerals while removing dangerous contaminants, pollutants, chlorine, and odors from drinking water. By providing safe and wholesome drinking water, they have revolutionized the sector.

Glacier Fresh Soda Maker

Their Goals

Glacier Fresh embarked on a journey to introduce a revolutionary cold soda maker to the U.S. market. Their innovative product boasts an array of features, including exceptional aesthetics, cooling functionality, an LED screen, pressure protection, and a compact design. At the core of Glacier Fresh's digital marketing aspirations was a singular aim — to take their new cold soda maker to new heights in the competitive U.S. market. Their main target was driving sales and making their product an undeniable choice for those looking for a unique and efficient soda-making experience.

Our Solution

As a dedicated team, we wholeheartedly embraced Glacier Fresh's vision for their product. In the initial phase of the launch, our strategies led to a remarkable accomplishment – their product completely sold out within one month. Our comprehensive approach involved utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads to engage potential customers, managing their Facebook page, creating User-Generated Content (UGC), and crafting captivating creatives that would pique consumer interest. Moreover, in response to the market's enthusiastic reception, Glacier Fresh chose to renovate the soda maker to further enhance its appeal. Our role in this process included designing and executing new carefully crafted campaigns, and the result was another surge in purchases.

Glacier Fresh Soda Maker

Their Success

Our initial phase of marketing led to a monumental achievement as Glacier Fresh's new soda maker completely sold out within the first month. This extraordinary success not only validated the appeal of their product but also highlighted the effectiveness of our marketing strategies. Following the renovation of their soda maker and the launch of new campaigns, the product's popularity continued to soar. This resulted in sustained high demand, firmly establishing Glacier Fresh's new creation as a must-have item in the U.S. market. Our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns engaged audiences effectively, contributing to a significant increase in brand visibility, and most importantly, sales.

Increase in Website Visitors
Sell-out in one month
Decrease in CPA
Increase in CTR
Glacier Fresh Soda Maker

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