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Their Story

Levi's, an iconic brand known for its timeless and classic American style, has a history deeply rooted in the fabric of American culture. Over time, Levi's has evolved into a symbol of style and authenticity, making it a cult clothing brand recognized worldwide. Levi's jeans are more than just clothing; they represent the quintessence of classic American fashion and have inspired countless imitations.

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Their Goals

UltraGroup, representing Levi's, approached us with a compelling mission – to create maximum awareness for the grand opening of a new Levi's store in Mall Serdika, Sofia. The primary objective was to ensure that this exciting event received the spotlight it deserved and awareness was maximized.

Our Solution

To achieve this, two key approaches were devised: 1. Digital Campaign: Leveraging the power of digital marketing, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads (both Display and Performance Max), the goal was to create a buzz around the new store opening. This approach aimed to reach a wide audience and drive excitement for the event. 2. Influencer Marketing: By collaborating with influential figures in the fashion and lifestyle space, we sought to magnify the impact of the store opening campaign. Influencer marketing was instrumental in ensuring that the event gained significant attention from the target audience.

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Their Success

The collaboration with Levi's and UltraGroup culminated in a highly successful store opening campaign. The primary goal of creating maximum awareness for the new store opening was resoundingly achieved. Our strategic digital campaigns, in combination with influencer marketing, ensured that the event received significant attention and anticipation.The digital campaign, spanning platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, effectively reached a diverse and extensive audience. The campaign's success lay in engaging various segments of the target audience. Influencer collaborations added an influential dimension to the campaign, significantly magnifying its impact. Their endorsements and fashion-forward content resonated with their followers, contributing to the store opening's success. hrough our efforts, we fostered a sense of anticipation and excitement among the target audience. The store opening was met with enthusiasm, and it received the attention it deserved as a significant event in the fashion calendar.

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