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Their Story

OraSure Technologies is a pioneering force in the realm of health and wellness, driven by a profound commitment to understanding and improving human and animal health. Their approach transcends mere test results; it's about diagnosing disease, connecting patients with precise care, and unveiling the stories hidden within our DNA and microbiome. OraSure's family of companies specializes in developing innovative sampling tools, diagnostics, and services, creating transformative solutions to address the world's most pressing health challenges.

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Their Goals

OraSure's digital marketing goals were to expand their online presence, engage with a global audience, and foster a thriving community. Specifically, they aimed to achieve a Facebook following of 10,000 individuals, boost engagement, and establish a robust online community.

Our Solution

Our digital marketing solution for OraSure was rooted in strategic Facebook advertising and a comprehensive Posting Plan. Managing a network of 16 Facebook pages, we tailored our approach to cater to diverse audiences and specific objectives. Our primary focus was to engage, educate, and empower the online community while ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand message across all pages. We designed and executed targeted Facebook ads to reach the right audience segments and crafted an engaging Posting Plan to consistently communicate OraSure's mission and values.

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Their Success

Our partnership with OraSure has ushered in an era of remarkable success, firmly establishing the positive impact of our digital marketing strategies in transforming their online presence and building a vibrant online community. The heart of OraSure's digital transformation, our Facebook marketing efforts, have flourished beyond expectations. With a resounding achievement of 11,500 followers, we exceeded the initial goal of reaching 10,000 followers, establishing a thriving online community. This vibrant Facebook community is not just a number; it represents thousands of individuals actively engaging with OraSure's mission to redefine health and wellness. Engagement on OraSure's Facebook page saw a notable 40% boost. This increase in engagement solidifies the brand's connection with its audience. Every like, comment, and share serves as a testament to the brand's relevance and its growing influence in the health and wellness sector. Beyond the numbers, our digital marketing strategies have effectively supported OraSure in building a robust online community. OraSure's platform has become a hub of health and wellness, with active discussions, resource sharing, and the formation of a community bound by a common commitment to health.

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