The Importance of A/B Testing for Enhancing Reach and Boosting Website Traffic


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Their Story

Platinum, a project overseen by the largest real estate agency in Bulgaria, sets the standard for excellence. Meticulously curated by leading experts, its primary focus is to deliver properties of the highest quality to meet the needs of every prospective buyer.

Platinum Home2U Building

Their Goals

Their objective was to extend the reach of their virtuous message through popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, they aimed to establish a fresh and unique website dedicated to enhancing the digital footprint of their latest project.

Our Solution

We created a specifically curated marketing strategy in order to send the appropriate message to the right audience while aligning with their goals at the same time. We used a lot of A/B testing to discern which messages resonated most with people and yielded the best outcomes. This allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of audience preferences and optimize our strategies accordingly. After creating a dedicated website for this project we decided to execute an A/B test by running Facebook and Instagram ads concurrently on both the Home2U page and the recently launched standalone building page. The test outcomes demonstrated that advertisements showcased on Platinum’s page generated 60% more inquiries than Home2U's page. This revelation guided us in determining the direction for our future focus.

Platinum Home2U Building

Their Success

Focusing exclusively on the campaign presented on Platinum’s page proved to be the correct decision. This resulted in a 60% increase in website traffic, leading to a significant 25% rise in leads. The campaign's effectiveness in attracting visitors directly contributed to improved conversion rates and overall productivity.

Increase in CTR
Increase in Calls
Increase in Traffic
Decrease in CPM
Platinum Home2U Building

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