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Their Story

Driven by their relentless pursuit of perfection, one of the largest real estate agencies, Home2U, has embarked on their most ambitious venture to date - the development of their flagship project, Teritoria. Meticulously designed by top architects and constructed with the utmost attention to quality. With its commitment to excellence, Teritoria aims to offer a superior real estate experience to all prospective buyers.

Teritoria Building Home2You

Their Goals

Their intention encompassed the spreading of their virtuous message across popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they sought to establish an entirely new and distinct website to strengthen the digital presence of their newest project.

Our Solution

We made the decision to create a dedicated website exclusively for this project, channeling our designer's unwavering passion into its creation. Initially, the website's landing page (LP) showcased information highlighting the exceptional quality materials utilized in building construction. Subsequently, a second version of the LP was developed, emphasizing the beneficial aspects of the building's location. The outcomes derived from the second LP were remarkably positive, leading to the creation of a third version that harmoniously merged the distinctive features of the previous two LPs. Finally, we opted to conduct an A/B test by running Facebook and Instagram ads simultaneously through both the Home2U page and the newly established standalone building page. The results of the test revealed that ads displayed on Teritoria’s page generated 15% more inquiries compared to the alternative platform. At that point, we already knew where our future focus should be directed.

Teritoria Building Home2You

Their Success

The presence of its own dedicated website for Teritoria has proven immensely beneficial, resulting in a remarkable 30% increase in leads compared to any other project featured on Home2U's website.

Increase in Calls
Increase in Leads
Increase on Engagement
Increase in Traffic
Teritoria Building Home2You

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